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 Subvoc Guide: BERSERK

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PostSubject: Subvoc Guide: BERSERK   Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:21 pm

Berserker for knights and paladins
Did you bring me 10 War hammers, 10 Giant swords, a magic plate armor and a stone cutters axe to grant you the title Berserker.
You can find the npc at orcfortress quest, hes name is Taldam.


Fastest way to get War Hammers is going to Tortoise Island and kill Thornback Tortoises.
Or else you can go to Heroes in Edron.

You get Giant Swords from Behemoths and Demons.

You get Magic Plate Armor from Demons. (Rare)

You get Stone Cutters Axe (Sca) from The Annihilator (Level 100+)

Signed , Fain & Deathwanderer.
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Subvoc Guide: BERSERK
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