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 Subvoc Guide: LICH

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PostSubject: Subvoc Guide: LICH   Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:31 pm

Lich Subvoc for Sorcerers and Druids.

I need 20 Skull Staffs, 20 Vampire shields, 100 Vampire Dusts and a full ecoplasm contanier?, to grant you the title lich.

You can find the NPC in PoH temple south-west from venore. He's name is Leshrac.

Hint: Exclamation
full ecoplasm contanier you get west from carlin at a ghost-npc (It will cost a small amount of cash).
Then you need to fill the ecoplasm container you got with 100 ghosts.
(Just kill 100 ghosts which Necromancer summons and use the ecoplasm container on the dead ghost)

You get Skull Staff from Necromancers and Warlocks.

You get Vampire Shield from Vampires also Dragon Lance&Vampire Shield quest just beside Annihilator at Edron.

To get vampire Dust's easiest use blessed wooden stake on dead vampires at the way to Banshee Quest in Carlin.

Signed , Fain & Deathwanderer.
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Subvoc Guide: LICH
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