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 Subvoc Guide: WARLOCK

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PostSubject: Subvoc Guide: WARLOCK   Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:32 pm

Warlock Subvoc for Sorcerers and Druids.

I need 25 Green Sulphur, 30 Magic Sulphur, 20 Mystic Turbans and a Saphire soul?, to grant you the title warlock.

The NPC is located deep inside Demona (Carlin) at the end of the hunting place, at the teleport , hes name is Feroti.

Hints :

Green Sulphur is looted in bosses , Sapphire,Lich King etc.

Magic Sulphur is looted in Dragon Lords.

Mystic Turbans is looted in Necromancers.

Saphire Soul you get in the boss , Saphire. (Very rare)

Signed , Fain & Deathwanderer.
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Subvoc Guide: WARLOCK
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